Data Science Management (DSM)

DSM is a process for managing your data science projects that typically includes preparing the data, quality check data and make predictions in an automated fashion. The process is based on SAFe, Scaled Agile Framework. It is an iterative process as shown in image below. Each iteration typically last for 2 weeks

The DSM team is a small team, typically no larger than what you can feed with 2 large pizza. The team can consist of data managers, database experts, software developers, testers, math experts and an owner of the project.

Click the links below to get more detail about each phase in the process image above;

Please contact us if you want more info about our services. This includes configuring your DSM environment serverless in the cloud.


We can help you move to a serverless environment. The benefits with serverless are:

  • Full abstraction of servers
  • Scalability
  • Pay-per-use