Database Manager

Database Manager is an open source tool for managing PPDM databases. It is built for the cloud generation running in a serverless environment. It provides an effective tool to make it easier for oil and gas companies to manage their data science projects and PPDM databases.

In this tool you can create a PPDM database, transfer data between databases, load data and view the data based on an index that you create. Data can be loaded from LAS or csv files. All data access are configurable.

At the center of the tool is a Dataops manager that will create and manage dataops pipelines to provide functionality such as data transfer, index, data QC and predictions. Predictions and data QC functions are contained in either micro services or internally with all the rules, results and models stored in the DSM project. The DSM project is based on the industry standard PPDM data model. A rules editor is available to create any rule that you can imagine.

Database Manager is based on the newest technology .NET 6.0 and Blazor. As such it can run anywhere, not only in Azure. You can deploy and run it either on-prem or in the cloud. More information is available on github here. Let us know if you need help settings this up in your environment.

You can try it out free here. You will need an Azure storage account. Please contact us if you need help or demo of this.

Texas PPDM Loader

The Texas PPDM loader is an opensource tool that gets wellbore data from the Texas Railroad Commission and loads it into a PPDM database. More information is available on Github here.